Monday, December 10, 2007

Its hard to believe someone could be a talented songwriter with a Bose Stereo of a voice, do some awesome concerts, and have not one, but two devoted bloggers covering a concert and not be on her way to stardom. (Incidentally, that was me with "what kind of show is this." Which earned me a look from MM followed by my "well geesh, I'm here with my Mom...")

I went to a Gen show this weekend and got to meet some more Angelenos and enjoy a show. Unlike last time, Gen had the full band and this was the first time I got to see the LA Band.

The show started off HOT, and it wasn't just the Geisha-Gear (red dress, fishnet stockings, and black gloves) with two of my favorites with the double-entendrelicious "I'm Going Down" and "Don't Bring Me Down" (which some insist on calling "Blissful Oblivion"). The band was hot, the singer was smokin' and we were off.

I honestly don't know what it was but I was really in to those first two tracks, and while the rest of the concert was top quality Gen work, those two stuck with me. Although I should note that she described "Blissful Oblivion" as a song from the point of view of a crazy person that babbles...and that was her song that I think described me perfectly in my mid-twenties!

We then went in to what the Artist described as the Swamp Section of the show which quite honestly made no sense to me. The three songs were "The Bayou" (about a bar in DC), "Jim Beam" (my wife's favorite), and "House of the Rising Sun"...which was obviously a cover. Hey...was the Geisha Gear a shout out to the "Rising Sun?" I get it.

There was a joke about swamps in Jersey holding bodies before "Rising Sun." Hey, don't tell people that until after our house sells, por favor.

And let me say that House of the Rising Sun was a pretty smokin' cover. I've long maintained that Gen should try "Rainy Day Women #'s 12 and 35," but a cover of a song Bob also covered will have to do. I thought this cover and the first two songs were the tightest the five of them sounded all night.

Up next was "Life Remains the Same," and I have no notes on it. Moving on...

Is "I Left the Light On" which has long been a favorite of mine and apparently most of her fans. According to the other review is a 9/11 song. Really? Well, that answers that question. This was also the "Holiday Sing A Long" section of the show, and oddly nobody was up to singing along. As always, band or solo on a keyboard, this song was one of the highlights of the night.

Up next was another track from the debut album, "So Good For Me." Honestly, we had all three of my favorite tracks. Gen was feeling good up there and had found some mobility in the Geisha Gear and was now doing the full body shimmy down to the floor for reasons other than that's where the water was.

The Full Band portion of the evening ended with "Empty," a song that I quite honestly think sounds better solo (and there's not a lot of her stuff that I think that about). The show ended with "Talk To Me" which I had never heard before so I listened to it instead of taking any notes.

All in all, while this show had some really great parts, I'd have to say this was my second favorite show after the Duplex show back in July of last year. Good first show for my Mom, and I can't wait to do more Gen writing in the New Year.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't You Know Where You Are

I do. I'm in the City of Lost Angels. This isn't a non-sequitor to those who have been following Gen's recent works. City of Lost Angels will be appearing on the next LP and is available now at her concerts (I think.)

Anyways, at long last we have completed our move west so you can expect much more frequent updates at this blog, at least weekly....starting in about a month. In the meantime, Italy beckons for me. Until then...D

Monday, June 18, 2007

Concert review: June 5, 2007

Wow, I've been a lazy blogger...not even checking in to moderate comments for almost three months? I should get my salary cut. At least I've got an excuse: my whole family is packing up and moving to go live closer to Genevieve. I're all jealous.

In the meantime, I have a review from a couple of weeks ago. Well, since now there are new songs, I'm going to try and get a little more into the lyrics rather than commenting on her singing when I write these reviews. I would imagine reading, "Yeah, she's a really good singer" over and over again would lead to a boring blog. It doesn't get old to listen to, but I don't have audio on this blog yet.

The first song up was a new one entitled Life Remains the Same, which reminded me of Willie Nelson's Song Pancho and Lefty. Now, for my millions of readers that are Willie fans, you're thinking to yourself, "what the heck is this kid blogging about?" But hang with me.

Pancho is ultimately about people trapped in a life. Pancho gets out of his hopeless life through lawlessness and ultimately death. But the song is really about Lefty and how once Pancho's gone he's even more trapped than before.

I think the people in Life are just as trapped as poor Lefty. The song uses the theme about how modern life traps so many people in lives they don't want. While it doesn't use storytelling like Pancho, it brings across the same message. We're not trapped by our past decisions if we don't want to be. We can get out of the rut of routine. We don't need to strap on some six-shooters and terrorize the Midwest, but there's always time to break out of what we've let ourselves become.

Up next were two "classic" tracks, So Good For Me and I Left the Light On. I don't think there's much more I could say about either of these songs.

Following Light On, is possibly her only song that’s more depressing. Empty is about a woman driven to wits end by well, everything. Lyrics such as "I want to know what its like to feel nothing again" illustrate the depth to which the protagonist has fallen, and Gen sings this song in a very soulful way. I think if Gen ever achieves the mainstream success that so many of us see for her in the future, this will be a sleeper song. Ya know, one of those songs the hard-core fans cheer for at the concert but the casual fan listens to once before skipping it to hear I'm Going Down.

Before song #5 for the evening Gen complained about the lack of mass transit in LA. I'M WORKING ON IT.

Songs #4 and #5 were both new songs, and unfortunately I don't have great reviews for either of them because they were so much more upbeat than the earlier fare I found myself tapping along instead of writing notes.

The first of the two was Jim Beam, and the second The Bayou. Apparently she chose to write Jim Beam because she was sick of Jack Daniels getting all the glory. The Bayou is an ode to an old college hangout in Georgetown (Washington, D.C. to you Left Coasters). Of course such a reflection is about more than just a dance hall, but an ode to youth when we all were capable of staying out later and partying harder than we do now. Well, harder than I do now. Its 7:00 and I'm ready for bed.

Before moving on she promoted her new PG rated t-shirts which implore people to "Hit the G Spot" and "Find the G Spot." Good think her two-year old nephew had already left.

Up next was Just As Long as You Are There, a song which clearly couldn't have been on the first part of the concert because its not one of the saddest things you've ever heard. This song is a cute ode which captures well the feelings one has for their love. To me, it sounds like its from the viewpoint fo one who has just found their love, as it has a casual sound and when it talks about life before the beau's appearance it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.

Closing out the play list I was handed was I'm Going Down. Lets just say with the intro and way it was sung I now think I made a small spelling error when I typed out the lyrics, "'Cause if I'm going down, you're coming with me." Ahem. I don't know what it was, but this was the song of the night as her stage presence seemed to grow for this song. A good performance.

Closing out the show was In Silence, a song I mention every time Waiting for the World to Change comes on the radio. Apparently, In Silence is a response to that dumb song. Also in the news, In Silence has made Neil Young's list of anti-war songs, which is mildly amusing. Its here, track 1880: . I've always thought In Silence was in the vein of many of her songs and more about doing something extraordinary with your life. Although, I do imagine that ending a war is pretty darn extraordinary.
That’s all for now kiddies, talk soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Poll update

Don't forget to vote for Genevieve at the site listed below. If she wins the poll, which closes on 4/25, she'll get more airplay for her album AND "cool stuff." If there's one thing she needs right now, its more cool stuff.

The results in her bracket thus far:

1. Genevieve 111
2. Open Book 29
3. Eilen Jewell 13
2. Tina Schlieske 11
5. Johnny J. Blair 6

Ok, so we're doing ok thus far...thats the good news. The bad news is there is still plenty of time left. Remember, you can vote once a lets party like its 2000 and we live in Florida.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Online Poll

For my millions of readers that read this blog but don't get the newsletter. Go hear, and vote in category #9. We're off to an early lead, but vote early and often.

Worst blogger ever

I found my notes for the full review of the show, its now on the post directly below this one.

So, two weeks ago we caught a Genevieve show at the ultra-hip Paisley Violin. Despite having to drive past some high-class by the hour hotels, and the Great Alaskan Bush Co., we found the area around the Violin to be relaxed and clean.

Unfortunately, I lost my notes...which is too bad because there were two singers I wanted to say good stuff about...the guy who was incorporating the harmonica into his act and the singer that went on right after Gen. Maybe if someone out there can help me out, I can give the appropriate shout out.

So, after listening to a seven song set that was just Gen and her piano I do have on definitive statement. Anyone that has only seen her play solo needs to see her with the whole band. Conversely, anyone who has only seen the full band, should see a solo show. They're two very different sounding shows...the solo concert is more mellow and relaxed sounding, even if the intensity glows during the more intense songs.

If I find my notes, I'll do a full the meantime, you all can just refer to me as the worst blogger ever...EVER. Sorry.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finally: Review of Gen in AZ

Hi everyone...finally found my notes from the Paisley Violin show from a month ago. Some of it is illegible after a trip through Ye Olde' Washing Machine, but I'll do my best:

I got a chance to catch Genevieve at Phoenix's "Paisley Violin" on folk music night (lets change that to last month...) Wanted to get the review up before I'm crashing on her sofa so that I'm not accused of being bribed for a good review. (Wow, I lost these notes that long ago?)

Its certainly a different experience to see Genevieve playing without a backup band, just Gen and a keyboard. Also, all of the songs were new except for one, "So Good For Me", so it was like a completely different act. The microphone had a small echo which sometimes made her conversations with the audience a little hard to hear. Anyway, it was a different show with different songs and a different style.

First up was "Empty," which took three starts to get going while playing with the levels, but ended up being a quality song. The rest of my notes on this song are lost to history.

Up next, an LA themed song "City of Lost Angels," which followed a somewhat familiar theme of people looking for their place in the world. Unlike some of the songs on Life, this song was a bit more somber, which worked well with the "one woman and a keyboard" show.

Sandwiched between two more somber songs was "Tribute to the Bayou." The Bayou was a college hangout for Gen and friends in college by Georgetown in Washington, D.C. The Bayou sounds like a pretty cool place, but of course the song is about more than just a DC hangout...its about all fun times that youth, a sense of freedom, and a love of music can bring. This is a strong song, and was a good change of pace.

But the change was not to last, as up next was a cover of the Beattle's last hit, "Let it Be." Of course, Gen is a much stronger singer than any of the Beatles, and the song was strong. As soon as I figure out how to do a poll on this blog, we'll have one for "what song should she cover next." I vote for "The One I Love."

Up next was a Gen standard, "So Good for Me." Being so familiar with the full band version of this song, its impossible for me to write anything about this without comparing it. It would be like writing the paragraph on "Let it Be" without mentioning that Boy Band from Britain. Personally, I like the full band version a little better, but that’s not to say that there aren't some parts of the song better with just her voice and keyboard. For example, I thought some of the lines, particularly the way she asks, "How can I not give in?", have even more strength when not competing with the instruments. Over all, still a great song, and she still gives a great rendition of it.

Closing the show, we have another new song. This time I could clearly hear her story behind the song. Tired of people that want the world to be a better place and not do anything about it, this song is written to the Silent Majority, encouraging them to speak out and do something to make the world a cooler place. If you're "waiting for the world to change," you're going to be disappointed. To hear the song, visit Gen's page on myspace (link on the right).

Its at this point that I run out of paper on Gen's set list so I can't really review the song at all. Good thing that a) its available online and b) this is the last song in her set.

Now, a few words on the performers that went before and after Gen. We didn't stay for the whole show because we were worn out after our first day on vacation. Before Gen went a local singer/songwriter named Michael Mattingly. Michael's songs were solid, though his voice and musical style resembled more Bare Naked Ladies than Arlo Guthrie. That being said, the Dylan-esque mouth-harp holder and one-man guitar act were charming. Most songs were about love-lost in some way either literally, like in So Long, a story about young, long distance love that ended tragically or "Change My Mind" or a more typical modern break up song. Michael was pretty good, and clearly trying to expand his act including the harmonica, which he had just learned in the past couple of weeks, and sitting in on a couple of Gen's songs on a bongo drum.

We left Cameo Hill's act about halfway through, which had nothing to do with the quality of the performance. Cameo seemed more in the Ani DiFranco vein, a skilled guitarist and lyricist who chatted and interacted with her audience. I wish we had gotten to see a little more of her.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New show announced

Normally I don't do show announcements, but since it was just announced and is tomorrow....

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Genevieve []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 2:40 PM
> Subject: Last-minute show in LA
> Hi Everyone,
> Sorry to invade the inboxes with this, but I just got asked to perform
> this Wednesday for the LA Women in Music Soiree, so I wanted to pass
> on the details, in case anyone can make it.
> Here you go:
> Wednesday, January 3, 2007. - 7:30 - 11:00 pm
> TEN20 Supper Club at the Bel Age Hotel in West Los Angeles
> 1020 N. San Vicente, West Hollywood, CA 90069 South of Sunset, just
> behind the Viper Room
> DISCOUNTED Valet Parking *With LAWIM Validation*
> A COMPLIMENTARY LIGHT SUPPER provided and drinks are available in this
> lovely supper club.
> Admission: donation $10 members, $15 general public - More Info:
> or email: - No Reservation Necessary!
> "An invigorating evening that proves there is art in Los Angeles after
> all" - Tom Kidd, Music Connection
> The Soiree features talented newcomers alongside veteran songwriters &
> performers in a venue where the L.A. community of artists may perform
> and network.
> Some of the talented artists performing will be:
> Michal Hoffman (, Barry Keenan
> (, Ann Nevison, Rachel Scott
> (, Anna Montgomery
> (, Genevieve
> (, Ava Hollombe Hoover, Jeff Lass, and
> more TBA
> Be sure to sign in when you arrive and you'll be eligible to win
> either a free one-year membership to L.A. WoMen in Music or a one-year
> premium membership to the Film Music Network, provided by founder of
> FMN, LAWIM board member Mark Northam.
> Questions/further info: Contact: Judy Lamppu, Secretary
>, 818/831-3905
> xo,
> Genevieve

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Genevieve Songs

Hello everyone!

Its been way too long since I last wrote to you, but since I'm told that some search engines like my blog more than the official site, I ought to make an effort to update more often.

Genevieve is getting closer to releasing her next batch of songs, and in exchange for a Genevievizza I was able to get her to hand over some demo tracks. Sadly, I lack the know-how to put them up, but I can give you the titles:

All That's Left of You
Girl of Your Dreams
In Silence
Just as Long as You Are There
Life Remains the Same
Meet Me in Tortuga
Move Along
The Love I Hear

Monday, July 31, 2006

Genevieve promo at the Santa Monica Apple Store

For those West Coast Fans, make sure to check out Gen's concert at the Apple Store. Nice little promo on their
  • website
  • .

    Summer Concert Series: Genevieve
    Genevieve is making waves in the music scene with her well-received debut album, this little thing called life. Catch this singer-songwriter at the Apple Store and enjoy her blend of pop, country, rock, electronica, and jazz, to name just a few genres.
    August 10, 7:00 p.m.

    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Concert Review: The Duplex NYC

    Of the three “shows” that I’ve seen Gen perform (defining “shows” as not involving baseball stadiums or churches), this one was the best. I don’t know if it was just because of the large 75 personish audience, a superior sound and light system, or the attendance of loved ones; but the audience was treated to a more animated and strong-sounding Genevieve then normal.

    Not that we haven’t been treated every time we’ve been to a concert, but there’s always some shows that are just a little better then the others, and that was the kind of show we saw last week.

    I’m not going to review every show like I usually do, a stomach bug had me off my game last week and my note-taking was sub-par. I’ll review the highlights and some other things about what we’ve learned this week.

    Gen was accompanied by some new performers. The band featured Pete (guitar) and Buster (drums) from the last show joined by Mark on the keys and Buster on the bass. Nobody had any need for more cowbell as best I could tell. A first rate sound system and actually some effects with lights added some punch to the show. All in all, the accompaniment, both sight and sound was strong.

    The full set list is at the bottom, so you can see what was played. A couple of other notes from the show:

    Before Don’t Let it Go, aka “Don’t Give Up on the Person You Were Meant to Be,” we heard the sad sequel to the story of how Gen saved some chipmunks from the family swimming pool. Apparently, not everyone in Family Genevieve is willing to risk life and limb for stupid chipmunks that keep jumping in the pool. The sadness of the moment was quickly forgotten as Don’t Let it Go featured, for the first time to my knowledge, gratuitous use of a mirror ball.

    I also found out that RJ (who so far is our only commentor) wrote the lyrics to When You Were Mine, and he claims to have written it as a punk song. I’m guessing that story is only half correct.

    Two firsts for me in this concert. First, Genevieve did an encore which I hadn’t seen before. Second, she did a cover song. Despite my suggestion that she should really spend some time to learn Thank God I’m A Country Boy, she went in a slightly different direction.

    One last note, for those that were in attendance, Gen's blouse was made by her friend Naomi, and you can see her designs
  • here
  • .

    Set List:

    1. Slippin Away
    2. It’s Allright - not on Thing Called Life
    3. Lead Me Home
    4. Move Along
    5. Don’t Let it Go
    6. Baby you can cry
    7. So Good For Me
    8. When You Were Mine
    9. Don’t Bring Me Down
    10. Black Velvet, by Alannah Myles
    11. Just as Long as You Are There
    12. I Left the Light On
    13. If I’m Going Down
    1. This Little Thing

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Another place to vote for Genevieve

    Request Genevieve songs on New Artist Radio online. You can also vote for your favorite songs.

    Vote here!

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Plug for Gen's New York Guitarist

    Playlist and reviews from last night's fabu show from the Duplex Cabaret Theatre are coming, and it was quite a a show, but in the meantime I wanted to give a quick plug for Genevieve's New York guitarist Peter "Supercut" Tascio.

    He doesn't ahve a website but can be contacted through his email at or 914-374-7610. He's a heck of a performer and has great stage personality, so if you're in the NY area and are looking for a guitar player, give Pete a call.

    So look for the review this weekend, it answers so many questions:what happened to the chipmunks (v. sad), why Gen's a trend setter, why the Phillie Phanatic is at least as cool as Mr. Met, why RJ (my only commentor thus far) has a career in music, and why some Genevieve songs should be punk.

    Wednesday, June 28, 2006

    The full review

    Ya know, its always something to see someone you know perform live, be it theater, dance, or music. This is the first time I’ve seen a full Genevieve set, so it was with some concern that I told her that I was going to do a full review this time when she questioned me on my big yellow notebook the night of the show. I mean, what would I write if she wasn’t any good without studio magic. What if the National Anthem, Wedding Song, and a three song set at the Bitter End has fooled me?

    Well, fortunately we’ll never know; because she rocked...and her band was fantastic.

    She started off with a solid rendition of Slippin' Away. The folks at Parkside were playing with the sound trying to get the balance right, which took a little something off, but her voice sounded sharp, err, not sharp as in “flat or sharp” but “sharp” as in “good.”

    After the song she took a second to chat with the audience, and announced the second song was going to be Slippin' Away. The band, not wanting to correct the star, dutifully started the first couple of bars before a correction was made and they rolled into So Good for Me.

    Then the band is introduced...Pete on guitar, Joe on drums, uhm something I can’t read on bass (and it’s a shame, because he was a good bass player) and Dave on keyboards. It should be noted that Dave, much like myself, is in desperate need for More Cowbell.

    From there they slow it down for Lead Me Home, which sounds as clear and crisp as it would on the CD. Then they role right in to my favorite Genevieve song, Don’t Let it Go, which I always refer to as “Don’t Give Up on the Person You Were Meant to Be.” Of course, I’m also the one that refers to Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark as “Can’t Start a Fire without a Spark.”

    There’s a slip up in the wording during Don’t Let it Go (hint for Gen, don’t tell your audience when you mess up on stage...most of the time we don’t notice. Audiences can be dumb that way. Bob Dylan has been fooling people for 30 years.), but my favorite song was done beautifully and I enjoyed every second of it.

    Next up was Its All Right, which is about one night stands. Thanks for telling us, or I probably would have said its about when your pet dies or something. A solid song, but not one of my favorites. What happened next was far more interesting:

    We were treated to a bizarre story about her rescuing chipmunks from her parents swimming pool in a thong and nightshirt....then she burped...I think she’s really trying to go for that tomboy audience now....

    Up next was a new one, Move Along. In my notes I say this, “Good news, she hasn’t forgotten how to write since “This Little Thing Called Life.” I really like this song. Originally about keepstonemight. Amanda goes carving happy.” I must have been recovering from the chipmunk story. That or my handwriting needs help.

    Next is another favorite, Don’t Bring Me Down. This song kind of kicks a little ass, and I always liked that about it. I was surprised at how easily the band picked up on the parts of this song where the instruments have to help carry the song more then in her other works...but they handled it really well. This was either an amazing band, or Gen must sound really tight with the band in LA. This was the best song of the evening.

    Following what I thought was their best song was my wife’s favorite song. I guess this is also her signature song (from talking to some of her other fans,) I Left the Light On. It’s a little more emotional to hear her sing “wake up from the nightmare to see your smiling face,” in person then over CD. Just like in April, this was a first rate performance of a song that is destined to be a mainstream hit one day.

    The show ended with two new songs, If I’m Going Down and Everybody Else. Everybody Else was a debut because she likes New York more then everywhere else. TAKE THAT NEW MEXICO!

    Both songs were solid, and unlike a Simon and Garfunkle concert, people paid the same rapt attention to the new songs as they did the ‘standards’ that we were familiar with.

    A couple of notes:

    Somehow I’ve been promoted to president of the fan club...and that duty apparently includes selling CD’s. People, buy at a concert! She’ll even sign them.

    After telling the story of last summer’s tour of ballparks, people continually requested the National Anthem which she did acapella for an encore.

    The entire set took an hour and five minutes. At the start there were about 15 people in the audience, at the end it was over 50.

    Before I go, let me say a brief word about On Impulse Theatre, the improv comedy troupe that performed before Genevieve's set. They were a little raw, but pretty good. They did an improv act for an hour, based on a computer problem in some sort of sci-fi place in Arizona that was going to cook the world. Its better then I just made it sound. Anyway, you can check out On Impulse Theatre at .

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Playlist from 6/19 at the Parkside Lounge in NYC

    Full report coming, but in the meantime, here's the playlist:

    1) Slippin' Away
    2) So Good for Me
    3) Lead Me Home
    4) Don't Let it Go
    5) Its All Right
    6) When You Were Mine
    7) Move Along - not on album
    8) Don't Bring Me Down (not this
  • Don't Bring Me Down
  • .
    9) I Left the Light On
    10) I'm Going Down - not on album
    11) Everybody Else - Song Debut

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Review - Chick Singer Night at the Bitter End - 4/25/06

    Ok, so before I post, let me say it’s always a new experience the first time you hear someone you know perform songs in a professional setting. Sure, I've heard This Thing Called Life at least 9,123 times, yet it doesn't prepare you to hear the music come out of your friend instead of out of a boom box/car stereo.

    So, I went to see Genevieve perform at the Bitter End this week…a performance I was mondo-excited for, never having seen Genevieve live.

    Standing on a stage that has housed such luminaries as Bob Dylan and Spinal Tap, Gen went on second of the four “chicks” performing, immediately after the evening's hostess. She only had three songs to win over the crowd, so in the American Idol sense, song selection was of top importance.

    Before I go on, I should note that the backup band was pretty sharp, but they had just received the final copies of their music a couple of minutes earlier. That led to a slow start to “So Good For Me”, but I mean, it was like two seconds of “So Good For Me “ that sounded slow.

    I thought this was a good song to start with, as the musician that preceded Gen was pretty much a straight folk singer with some light pop mixed in and this really showed the difference between Gen and someone who doesn’t have her voice or the diversity of music stylings. Gen nailed the song and pretty much had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand for her next two.

    Second was, “I Left the Light On,” which I have to think will be the most recognizable song on the album. It’s also my wife’s favorite, so it got an air clap from the cheering section.

    Now this was the song that moved me on Tuesday. I’ve always felt that this particular song is an extremely emotional and mature song, so it’s got to be done perfectly or it loses the effect. Fortunately, it was done perfectly, so no problems there.

    Then there was a short break while Gen went over to the piano where she performed “This Little Thing” with just her and a keyboard. No backup band for that one. Of course my reaction was, “Gen can play the piano,” which got me that “I can’t believe I married such an ignoramus” look. Or maybe that was allergies.

    Now this song was poignantly done and it was impressive to see her play keyboards and sing but for me “I Left the Light On” and “So Good For Me” are songs higher on my favorites list so I was just more charged to hear those songs.

    After she was done and received all of the cheers and flowers, the hostess noted what a well-behaved audience we were; having hung on Genevieve's every word during her set. All I can say is its easy to pay attention when the performance is that good.

    (Special thanks to Nick, who noticed that my links on the right weren't working. They do now.)

    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Finally...a Genvieve show on the East Coast

    Well, its official! The April Genevieve's show at the Bitter End has been confirmed and reconfirmed. This means I'll finally get to hear her sing something that isn't the Star Spangled Banner or The Wedding Song.

    If anyone's missing the details she'll be live in New York at The Bitter End on April 25 at 8 pm. Thats on 137 Bleeker Street in The Village.

    See you then!

    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    One station no longer takes requests...hrmph!

    So one of those radio stations I just mentioned stopped taking requests think it was because they were getting too many requests from New Jersey, North Carolina and California.

    Incicently, I updated the side of the page so that there are links to Genevieve's official webpage and some other really important stuff.

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    Two radio stations have Genevieve on the playlist...

    Sorry its been so long since the last update, its not that Genevieve hasn't been active...its the fault of your negligent blogger....concerts have happened, new ones have been scheduled, and I've been asleep at the wheel.

    But now for the big news....two radio stations in Texas have added Genevieve to the playlist! The news gets even better, you can submit requests over the Internet. Thats right, with a couple of mouse clicks we can increase her visibility by increasing her air time dramatically!

    Here are the station links:

    I'll be back soon with some more news, until then get clicking!

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    CD Baby

    So it turns out that at one of the cd review cites that we've linked to earlier allows people to post their own reviews...anyways, there are some new Genevieve reviews there that are pretty cool. If you're interested in the whole review, just click on the link...

    Annette Warner, GoGirls : This entire CD is a fine example of what happens when music knows its place mixed with some extraordinary pipes.

    Amy Lotsberg, Producer of Collected Sounds : But her strongest talent is that her voice is really strong and beautiful. If you like music that focuses on the singer and lyrics check this out.

    Monday, December 26, 2005

    Sorry for the delay - concert review

    Sorry its been so long since I hollared at you. Trying to overcome my heartbreak at having my name mispelled in the Genevieve newsletter. "Damian" isn't even close to "Daymen."

    Anyways, my sister-in-law was at Genevieve show on December 7 and wrote a quick review for the blog. Here it is...

    "Oh god, another hot chick with a great body, grrrrgonna sing her heart out about her love ofponies....or worse grind her hips in our faces whiletelling us all about her fantastic sex life at 15!!!!! Fabulously surprised when every song was tragic orworrying about impending doom. ;)While small in stature, Gen(?) has a powerhouse of avoice! As she sings you are transported to a moment in yourlife of bittersweet melancholy. Her rich and soulfulvoice lending greater impact to the lyrics and yet, inthe end reminding you that life continues to move on."

    I'm pretty sure this is a stream of concious sort of review, ya know, relieved that she wasn't going to see a Britney Spears clone or something.

    Anyways, buzz continues to grow. I'll keep finding more about her album and performances online. Until next time...D

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    ...and another album review

    Man, how did bloggers exist without google? Wait, am I giving up trade secrets?


    "Genevieve has a strong voice, and this recording is professionally produced. A little aural variety, with a few differing rhythms and some instrumental variety, however, would have made it even better still. Genevieve has the talent to make it nationally; now she just needs a break. " - By Dan MacIntosh

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    More Album Reviews

    Web wanderings have led to the discovery of two more album reviews for our darling singer/songwriter. As expected, they're both fabulous. I'll bet soon this won't be her only fan blog, but at least this little plot of bandwith will be able to say we were here first.

    Most singer/songwriters wish they had half this much talent. If she’s not signed to a major label deal with this demo, then I give up on the mainstream industry. - J-Sin

    (Incidently, I gotta hand it to J-Sin, thats a pretty cool short hand for Jason, except of course J-Sin is the same amount of letters as Jason. I'll stop now.)

    Here’s a serene album by a woman with an amazingly beautiful voice who seemed to focus more on the lyrics than the musical arrangements to coincide with them. Using simplistic musical arrangements let her voice simply shine and be the focal point. - Geoff Dellinger

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Genevieve Album Review

    What I think is Genevieve's first album review can be found here:

    Her music reflects the intelligence and worldliness of someone well beyond her years. And, like her music, she quietly slips under your skin without your knowledge until you can't get her out of your head.

    You can also order her CD off this site if you're interested.

    First post

    I can say with some confidence that this is the first blog post about the recording artist Genevieve. She rocks. I'll be updating this site with information about what she's up to and updates on the creation of her first fan site.

    Update #1 - The Genevieve Fan blog is online!