Monday, December 26, 2005

Sorry for the delay - concert review

Sorry its been so long since I hollared at you. Trying to overcome my heartbreak at having my name mispelled in the Genevieve newsletter. "Damian" isn't even close to "Daymen."

Anyways, my sister-in-law was at Genevieve show on December 7 and wrote a quick review for the blog. Here it is...

"Oh god, another hot chick with a great body, grrrrgonna sing her heart out about her love ofponies....or worse grind her hips in our faces whiletelling us all about her fantastic sex life at 15!!!!! Fabulously surprised when every song was tragic orworrying about impending doom. ;)While small in stature, Gen(?) has a powerhouse of avoice! As she sings you are transported to a moment in yourlife of bittersweet melancholy. Her rich and soulfulvoice lending greater impact to the lyrics and yet, inthe end reminding you that life continues to move on."

I'm pretty sure this is a stream of concious sort of review, ya know, relieved that she wasn't going to see a Britney Spears clone or something.

Anyways, buzz continues to grow. I'll keep finding more about her album and performances online. Until next time...D


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