Saturday, December 03, 2005

More Album Reviews

Web wanderings have led to the discovery of two more album reviews for our darling singer/songwriter. As expected, they're both fabulous. I'll bet soon this won't be her only fan blog, but at least this little plot of bandwith will be able to say we were here first.

Most singer/songwriters wish they had half this much talent. If she’s not signed to a major label deal with this demo, then I give up on the mainstream industry. - J-Sin

(Incidently, I gotta hand it to J-Sin, thats a pretty cool short hand for Jason, except of course J-Sin is the same amount of letters as Jason. I'll stop now.)

Here’s a serene album by a woman with an amazingly beautiful voice who seemed to focus more on the lyrics than the musical arrangements to coincide with them. Using simplistic musical arrangements let her voice simply shine and be the focal point. - Geoff Dellinger


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