Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The full review

Ya know, its always something to see someone you know perform live, be it theater, dance, or music. This is the first time I’ve seen a full Genevieve set, so it was with some concern that I told her that I was going to do a full review this time when she questioned me on my big yellow notebook the night of the show. I mean, what would I write if she wasn’t any good without studio magic. What if the National Anthem, Wedding Song, and a three song set at the Bitter End has fooled me?

Well, fortunately we’ll never know; because she rocked...and her band was fantastic.

She started off with a solid rendition of Slippin' Away. The folks at Parkside were playing with the sound trying to get the balance right, which took a little something off, but her voice sounded sharp, err, not sharp as in “flat or sharp” but “sharp” as in “good.”

After the song she took a second to chat with the audience, and announced the second song was going to be Slippin' Away. The band, not wanting to correct the star, dutifully started the first couple of bars before a correction was made and they rolled into So Good for Me.

Then the band is introduced...Pete on guitar, Joe on drums, uhm something I can’t read on bass (and it’s a shame, because he was a good bass player) and Dave on keyboards. It should be noted that Dave, much like myself, is in desperate need for More Cowbell.

From there they slow it down for Lead Me Home, which sounds as clear and crisp as it would on the CD. Then they role right in to my favorite Genevieve song, Don’t Let it Go, which I always refer to as “Don’t Give Up on the Person You Were Meant to Be.” Of course, I’m also the one that refers to Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark as “Can’t Start a Fire without a Spark.”

There’s a slip up in the wording during Don’t Let it Go (hint for Gen, don’t tell your audience when you mess up on stage...most of the time we don’t notice. Audiences can be dumb that way. Bob Dylan has been fooling people for 30 years.), but my favorite song was done beautifully and I enjoyed every second of it.

Next up was Its All Right, which is about one night stands. Thanks for telling us, or I probably would have said its about when your pet dies or something. A solid song, but not one of my favorites. What happened next was far more interesting:

We were treated to a bizarre story about her rescuing chipmunks from her parents swimming pool in a thong and nightshirt....then she burped...I think she’s really trying to go for that tomboy audience now....

Up next was a new one, Move Along. In my notes I say this, “Good news, she hasn’t forgotten how to write since “This Little Thing Called Life.” I really like this song. Originally about keepstonemight. Amanda goes carving happy.” I must have been recovering from the chipmunk story. That or my handwriting needs help.

Next is another favorite, Don’t Bring Me Down. This song kind of kicks a little ass, and I always liked that about it. I was surprised at how easily the band picked up on the parts of this song where the instruments have to help carry the song more then in her other works...but they handled it really well. This was either an amazing band, or Gen must sound really tight with the band in LA. This was the best song of the evening.

Following what I thought was their best song was my wife’s favorite song. I guess this is also her signature song (from talking to some of her other fans,) I Left the Light On. It’s a little more emotional to hear her sing “wake up from the nightmare to see your smiling face,” in person then over CD. Just like in April, this was a first rate performance of a song that is destined to be a mainstream hit one day.

The show ended with two new songs, If I’m Going Down and Everybody Else. Everybody Else was a debut because she likes New York more then everywhere else. TAKE THAT NEW MEXICO!

Both songs were solid, and unlike a Simon and Garfunkle concert, people paid the same rapt attention to the new songs as they did the ‘standards’ that we were familiar with.

A couple of notes:

Somehow I’ve been promoted to president of the fan club...and that duty apparently includes selling CD’s. People, buy at a concert! She’ll even sign them.

After telling the story of last summer’s tour of ballparks, people continually requested the National Anthem which she did acapella for an encore.

The entire set took an hour and five minutes. At the start there were about 15 people in the audience, at the end it was over 50.

Before I go, let me say a brief word about On Impulse Theatre, the improv comedy troupe that performed before Genevieve's set. They were a little raw, but pretty good. They did an improv act for an hour, based on a computer problem in some sort of sci-fi place in Arizona that was going to cook the world. Its better then I just made it sound. Anyway, you can check out On Impulse Theatre at .


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