Sunday, July 16, 2006

Concert Review: The Duplex NYC

Of the three “shows” that I’ve seen Gen perform (defining “shows” as not involving baseball stadiums or churches), this one was the best. I don’t know if it was just because of the large 75 personish audience, a superior sound and light system, or the attendance of loved ones; but the audience was treated to a more animated and strong-sounding Genevieve then normal.

Not that we haven’t been treated every time we’ve been to a concert, but there’s always some shows that are just a little better then the others, and that was the kind of show we saw last week.

I’m not going to review every show like I usually do, a stomach bug had me off my game last week and my note-taking was sub-par. I’ll review the highlights and some other things about what we’ve learned this week.

Gen was accompanied by some new performers. The band featured Pete (guitar) and Buster (drums) from the last show joined by Mark on the keys and Buster on the bass. Nobody had any need for more cowbell as best I could tell. A first rate sound system and actually some effects with lights added some punch to the show. All in all, the accompaniment, both sight and sound was strong.

The full set list is at the bottom, so you can see what was played. A couple of other notes from the show:

Before Don’t Let it Go, aka “Don’t Give Up on the Person You Were Meant to Be,” we heard the sad sequel to the story of how Gen saved some chipmunks from the family swimming pool. Apparently, not everyone in Family Genevieve is willing to risk life and limb for stupid chipmunks that keep jumping in the pool. The sadness of the moment was quickly forgotten as Don’t Let it Go featured, for the first time to my knowledge, gratuitous use of a mirror ball.

I also found out that RJ (who so far is our only commentor) wrote the lyrics to When You Were Mine, and he claims to have written it as a punk song. I’m guessing that story is only half correct.

Two firsts for me in this concert. First, Genevieve did an encore which I hadn’t seen before. Second, she did a cover song. Despite my suggestion that she should really spend some time to learn Thank God I’m A Country Boy, she went in a slightly different direction.

One last note, for those that were in attendance, Gen's blouse was made by her friend Naomi, and you can see her designs
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    Set List:

    1. Slippin Away
    2. It’s Allright - not on Thing Called Life
    3. Lead Me Home
    4. Move Along
    5. Don’t Let it Go
    6. Baby you can cry
    7. So Good For Me
    8. When You Were Mine
    9. Don’t Bring Me Down
    10. Black Velvet, by Alannah Myles
    11. Just as Long as You Are There
    12. I Left the Light On
    13. If I’m Going Down
    1. This Little Thing


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    VIDEOS of her Duplex show are up on You Tube (search "genevieve duplex") or through the link on her website!

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