Sunday, March 18, 2007

Poll update

Don't forget to vote for Genevieve at the site listed below. If she wins the poll, which closes on 4/25, she'll get more airplay for her album AND "cool stuff." If there's one thing she needs right now, its more cool stuff.

The results in her bracket thus far:

1. Genevieve 111
2. Open Book 29
3. Eilen Jewell 13
2. Tina Schlieske 11
5. Johnny J. Blair 6

Ok, so we're doing ok thus far...thats the good news. The bad news is there is still plenty of time left. Remember, you can vote once a lets party like its 2000 and we live in Florida.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Online Poll

For my millions of readers that read this blog but don't get the newsletter. Go hear, and vote in category #9. We're off to an early lead, but vote early and often.

Worst blogger ever

I found my notes for the full review of the show, its now on the post directly below this one.

So, two weeks ago we caught a Genevieve show at the ultra-hip Paisley Violin. Despite having to drive past some high-class by the hour hotels, and the Great Alaskan Bush Co., we found the area around the Violin to be relaxed and clean.

Unfortunately, I lost my notes...which is too bad because there were two singers I wanted to say good stuff about...the guy who was incorporating the harmonica into his act and the singer that went on right after Gen. Maybe if someone out there can help me out, I can give the appropriate shout out.

So, after listening to a seven song set that was just Gen and her piano I do have on definitive statement. Anyone that has only seen her play solo needs to see her with the whole band. Conversely, anyone who has only seen the full band, should see a solo show. They're two very different sounding shows...the solo concert is more mellow and relaxed sounding, even if the intensity glows during the more intense songs.

If I find my notes, I'll do a full the meantime, you all can just refer to me as the worst blogger ever...EVER. Sorry.