Monday, December 10, 2007

Its hard to believe someone could be a talented songwriter with a Bose Stereo of a voice, do some awesome concerts, and have not one, but two devoted bloggers covering a concert and not be on her way to stardom. (Incidentally, that was me with "what kind of show is this." Which earned me a look from MM followed by my "well geesh, I'm here with my Mom...")

I went to a Gen show this weekend and got to meet some more Angelenos and enjoy a show. Unlike last time, Gen had the full band and this was the first time I got to see the LA Band.

The show started off HOT, and it wasn't just the Geisha-Gear (red dress, fishnet stockings, and black gloves) with two of my favorites with the double-entendrelicious "I'm Going Down" and "Don't Bring Me Down" (which some insist on calling "Blissful Oblivion"). The band was hot, the singer was smokin' and we were off.

I honestly don't know what it was but I was really in to those first two tracks, and while the rest of the concert was top quality Gen work, those two stuck with me. Although I should note that she described "Blissful Oblivion" as a song from the point of view of a crazy person that babbles...and that was her song that I think described me perfectly in my mid-twenties!

We then went in to what the Artist described as the Swamp Section of the show which quite honestly made no sense to me. The three songs were "The Bayou" (about a bar in DC), "Jim Beam" (my wife's favorite), and "House of the Rising Sun"...which was obviously a cover. Hey...was the Geisha Gear a shout out to the "Rising Sun?" I get it.

There was a joke about swamps in Jersey holding bodies before "Rising Sun." Hey, don't tell people that until after our house sells, por favor.

And let me say that House of the Rising Sun was a pretty smokin' cover. I've long maintained that Gen should try "Rainy Day Women #'s 12 and 35," but a cover of a song Bob also covered will have to do. I thought this cover and the first two songs were the tightest the five of them sounded all night.

Up next was "Life Remains the Same," and I have no notes on it. Moving on...

Is "I Left the Light On" which has long been a favorite of mine and apparently most of her fans. According to the other review is a 9/11 song. Really? Well, that answers that question. This was also the "Holiday Sing A Long" section of the show, and oddly nobody was up to singing along. As always, band or solo on a keyboard, this song was one of the highlights of the night.

Up next was another track from the debut album, "So Good For Me." Honestly, we had all three of my favorite tracks. Gen was feeling good up there and had found some mobility in the Geisha Gear and was now doing the full body shimmy down to the floor for reasons other than that's where the water was.

The Full Band portion of the evening ended with "Empty," a song that I quite honestly think sounds better solo (and there's not a lot of her stuff that I think that about). The show ended with "Talk To Me" which I had never heard before so I listened to it instead of taking any notes.

All in all, while this show had some really great parts, I'd have to say this was my second favorite show after the Duplex show back in July of last year. Good first show for my Mom, and I can't wait to do more Gen writing in the New Year.