Sunday, March 18, 2007

Poll update

Don't forget to vote for Genevieve at the site listed below. If she wins the poll, which closes on 4/25, she'll get more airplay for her album AND "cool stuff." If there's one thing she needs right now, its more cool stuff.

The results in her bracket thus far:

1. Genevieve 111
2. Open Book 29
3. Eilen Jewell 13
2. Tina Schlieske 11
5. Johnny J. Blair 6

Ok, so we're doing ok thus far...thats the good news. The bad news is there is still plenty of time left. Remember, you can vote once a lets party like its 2000 and we live in Florida.


Anonymous Matt Russell said...

It's over!! Well, has been for some time. Taking a cue from Chicago, people voted early and often ... the people have spoken and the revolution will be ... ummm ... "radioized"??

2:58 PM  

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